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The Cost of Copywriting

Copywriting is a difficult field to price easily. It all depends on the job, research involved, the quality of the brief given, and whether there is extended editing involved. Personally, we don’t charge by the word, the page, or even by the hour. The reason for this is that every single project is different, and the amount of research and skill involved is based on the needs of the client.


For instance, content for one web page could take an hour if the content is already written and simply needs editing and proof reading, or it could take significantly longer if there's an SEO requirement and keyword analysis needed.

What we can tell you is this: exceptional copywriting and creative content can be the difference between customers using your services, or not. 


We would always recommend getting in touch to discuss your business objectives. Do you need to build your brand awareness - if so, social media content and strategy may be a good way to target reach and gain exposure. Or, are you a start-up and looking to write complete copy about your business story to engage with new customers? There are so many content and copywriting possibilities to boost your business.


If you would like further information on how copywriting can improve and enhance your business, or for a free quote, please contact us. We are available to chat through various content options with you, as well as giving you guidance on keywords and search terms.